WARNING: Roasting and grinding coffee releases volatile organic compounds that can contribute to irreversible respiratory damage at high exposure levels. Please take this warning seriously and consider all precautions. The CDC has lots of information regarding best practices, health risks, and other recommendations.

What follows are individual pages relating to the various steps and phases of my coffee related projects:

Popcorn Air Popper Roaster– A home roaster was built and modified with a remote switch, an Arduino, an AC dimmer, and thermocouples.

Heat Gun + Flour Sifter Roaster – A second home roaster was built with a larger capacity and mechanically driven agitation.

Roast Profiling – A Yocto Thermocouple was purchased and installed in the hot air popcorn popper to monitor coffee bean temperature during roasting.

Roast Level Verification – A NIR spectrophotometer was employed to verify roast level and maintain consistency from batch to batch.

Espresso Vision – A computer vision algorithm was built for pressure profiling with a manual hand lever espresso maker

3D Espresso Reconstruction – With the generous help of Steve Mather, I attempted to create 3D reconstructions of an espresso shot in motion.