3D Espresso Reconstruction

With the generous help of Steve Mather, I set out to create 3D reconstructions of espresso shots from my Flair Signature Pro for displaying on my site. No current research interests on the reconstructions, simply as an interesting way to record and share the shots.

To attempt this, I purchased a set of 10 mirrors and 3D-printed some stands, and experimented with various arrangements to acquire different angles:

Some test shots from this arrangement of mirrors:

After establishing an arrangement of mirrors that would provide 6 different angles of the espresso shot, I used a set of LED light bars for illumination. I pulled 9 shots, recording 6 shots with the mirrors on my Sony RX100M5, and 3 with a single view on a Logitech C270 Webcam from approximately 50mm away:

After importing the video files and sharing with Steve, it was noted that for proper 3D reconstruction that I would need to capture each of the angles with far more detail than this first attempt, so this project was put on hold.